Designers who think in code.

Who we are

Oak is an independent design-led product studio based in sunny Brooklyn, New York. We make creative products like Dropmark and Siteleaf, and work on a number of other ventures.

Since 2008, we have partnered with startups and leading companies like Facebook, Apple, Spotify, and UNICEF to design interfaces, develop apps, and solve problems. We’re not a VC firm, but we occasionally invest in our favorite ideas.

We believe in building self-sustaining, purposeful products. We tend to build products that scratch our itch, products that we want to exist in this world. As users ourselves, we care deeply about the user experience and building products that last.

As a team we enjoy blurring the lines of design and engineering, and encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration as much as possible. Join us!


APIs, Accessibility, App Design, Branding, CMS Implementation, Design Systems, DevOps, E-commerce, Email Campaigns, Graphic Design, Internal Tools, Internationalization, Logo Design, Marketing, Mobile Apps, Naming, Packaging, Presentation Decks, Print Design, Prototyping, React, Responsive Design, Ruby on Rails, SEO, Shopify, Social Media, Strategy, Style Guides, Swift, Technical Architecture, Typography, UI Design, UX, Usability Testing, Web Design, Web Development, iOS Development

Core team