oak.is about

We are designers who think in code.

Who We Are

We are Oak Studios. We create websites and applications, and help our clients build brands online.

Since 2008, we have worked with companies like NASDAQ, Apple, Rackspace, 37signals, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and UNICEF to develop interfaces, platforms, and solve problems.

Our strong background in graphic design and interaction design allows us to bridge the gap between functional products and beautiful, memorable ones. When mobile, scalable, responsive design blends with well-balanced typography and good hierarchy, we’re happy.

How We Work

We use the best tools for the job. We love working with Ruby, JavaScript, HTML5, iOS, and love discovering new tools to solve problems.

We know content management systems. In fact, we built one. Siteleaf is an Oak-grown CMS that is lightweight, flexible, and easy to use.

New York City is our home, we’re centrally located in a beautiful Union Square studio filled with creative energy, panoramic views, and our friends at Collins.

We love challenges, give us your best shot.

Our Team

Skylar Challand

Skylar Challand

Skylar Challand comes from a background in design, spending the past decade working in web and application development. Before founding Oak, Skylar led development on an award-winning learning management system which has helped thousands of companies like Adobe, Getty Images, Virgin Mobile, and New York University train their employees. Skylar also writes about design at idsgn.org.

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Larry Fox

Larry Fox

Larry Fox is a developer by day and asleep by night. He enjoys riding bikes, skateboarding indoors, gray sweaters, and sparkling wine. A Coloradan at heart he has an affinity for the outdoors, and being active. Previously worked at Outlier doing all things digital. He dreams of being an astronaut one day.

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Sawyer Hollenshead

Sawyer Hollenshead

Sawyer is a front-end developer, designer, and hustler. As a Pennsylvania dairy farm kid growing up, he’s got a penchant for exploring the outdoors and getting his hands dirty. Sawyer is a strong believer in side-projects being the best learning tools, his latest was Organized Wonder and ListenAnd.Watch. Previously worked at Wander, Mozilla, and Dumbwaiter.

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