Introducing Siteleaf

It’s here!

It’s here!

Siteleaf is a new, simple approach to content management. There is no database to worry about or website software to install. Simply manage your website in the cloud and publish to your own FTP, Amazon S3, or Rackspace Cloud account. You own your data and your website is archived forever, independent of our service.

Designing your site is as easy as writing HTML, even test locally using your live data. For developers, our  API makes it easy for you to extend Siteleaf and integrate your data into other apps and services.

We are offering all early adopters a free 14 day trial and  50% off all plans (forever!). You’ll also get free cloud hosting if you don’t have your own.

Find out more and sign up today at:

It’s been a long time coming, we hope you enjoy using Siteleaf as much as we do.

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