SkyFonts Launch

SkyFonts Homepage

SkyFonts Homepage

At Oak Studios we love type. As such we were thrilled to design a consumer-facing site for the newly launched SkyFonts service offered by Monotype Imaging, a leading global provider of fonts and related technologies. We collaborated with the team at Monotype to design the site using their existing branding, while their capable programmers handled the development.

The SkyFonts service is a first-of-its-kind, revolutionary font rental system that makes it easier to find the perfect typeface for any context by allowing users to try or rent fully functional fonts. As of today’s launch SkyFonts already provides more than 8,000 fonts through its online platform and associated iPad app.

Users can try fonts free for up to five minutes in desktop applications or use credits to rent fonts temporarily. After a rental period expires the fonts are automatically removed from the user’s system via the SkyFonts plug-in.

You can sign up for a free account now and for a limited time, all new accounts include 10 free credits. In addition the same SkyFonts account can be used on up to five workstations.

SkyFonts has the potential to enhance how designers search for type, while improving the way fonts are purchased. As people spend more time reading on the web than from printed sources, quality tools for type on the web continue to grow in importance. SkyFonts is a great resource that moves type on the web forward.

Learn more by visiting the site at

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