Working remotely — COVID‑19 principles

We recently came across this Tweet from a Canadian federal government worker and really connected with its principles.

Working Remotely — COVID-19 Principles

  1. You are not “working from home”, you are “at your home, during a crisis, trying to work”.

  2. Your personal physical, mental, and emotional health is far more important than anything else right now.

  3. You should not try to compensate for lost productivity by working longer hours.

  4. You will be kind to yourself and not judge how you are coping based on how you see others coping.

  5. You will be kind to others and not judge how they are coping based on how you are coping.

  6. Your team’s success will not be measured the same way it was when things were normal.

According to the author of the Tweet, these principles originated with Parks Canada and were shared within the Canadian Wildlife Service. Thanks Canada 🇨🇦

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